Pasta with Aglio y Olio

Don't worry, when ordering just say A.E.O. We'll know what you mean, cuz.

*some garlic, chopped
*some fresh basil, cut into strips
*some fresh ground black pepper
*some olive oil
*some pasta from the back of the cupboard
*some grated cheese
*some of whatever else you want in there

Put some oil in the skillet and heat

Add some chopped garlic and brown

And then the basil

Toss cooked pasta with olive oil until covered, then throw in the garlic and basil mix.

If you have a can of stewed tomatoes, drain them and put those in there. Leftover seafood from last night? That goes. Squeeze some lemon in there if you like that. Tuna? Okay. Chicken? If that's what the kid likes. Bell peppers are always good. Sausage? Go ahead fatty. That is probably good in there too.

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Lauren said...

Oh I love this new blog, Lora. I'm a fanatical cook and love checking out new recipes and stuff.

PS - Banjo loves tuna with his pasta.