Chicken Salad

*1 lb cooked and shredded chicken breast
*1 chopped celery stalk or some celery seed
*some chopped onion if I'm not coming over for lunch
*1 cup cooked pastina or other small pasta, drained and rinsed and chilled if you are making sandwiches. Big pasta like elbows or wagon wheels are fun if you want this without bread. Chop the chicken instead of shredding it if you are doing this or you get a bunch of different sizes and textures of food mixed together and that really grosses me out.
*salt and pepper to taste
*a big glob or two of mayo

Serve with Chicken Corn Chowder

You can cut the top off a tomato and clean out the snot and stuff this in there if you want to be fancy, and my Aunt serves this on croissants which is good for the tastebuds but bad for the waistline.

I think chicken salad must always be served with iceberg lettuce. It is a rule in my house.

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