*really good ground beef, like sirloin, but make sure it has some fat in it
*chopped onion (dehydrated will work too)
*Worcestershire sauce
*A1 sauce
*McCormack Montreal Steak Seasoning

Mix all this stuff together and make the patties as big as baseballs, then press down just a little so it doesn't roll around on the grill

Put it on the grill and let it cook for awhile. DO NOT press down on this. EVER. Why would you press on a burger? Do you think it cooks faster? No, it just drains the juice, and you want that. All over your chin and shirt.

Flip it once or twice.

You can also stuff some Brie, Blue, or Roquefort cheese in the middle or mix shredded cheese in with the burger before you cook it.

If you buy lean ground beef, stick a little pat of butter in the middle. Hell, if you buy fatty ground beef stick a little pat of butter in the middle. It will only make it better.

I've made these with venison too, and substituted rosemary and thyme for the Steak Seasoning. Just be sure to add some salt in there, and top with Lorraine Swiss Cheese.

One last thing. Some people put egg in their ground meat to make meatballs, burger, meatloaf, whatever. Don't. That is why those people's burgers are dry and cakey and you have to chew them. I don't know why people put egg in there. Meat binds itself together. I promise these burgers will not fall apart, but they will melt in your mouth.

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